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North India contributes over 60% of total leather goods exports from India and main exporting cities are Agra, Kanpur, Unnao & Noida etc.

At present, Agra alone accounts for almost 35 per cent of the total footwear exports from India, while it also caters to 65 per cent of the domestic footwear market.

There are around 10,000 footwear & its component manufacturing units in Agra operating both in the organized and unorganized segments, of which 150 are sizeable with focus on the export market doing hundreds of millions of dollar business across the world. Geographically also Agra is located in middle of Noida (National Capital Region) & Kanpur and well connected by Trains & Road transportation, these cities are also packed with well-recognized shoe manufacturing & exporting companies.

gra’s Top players cater exclusively to exports with negligible contribution to the domestic market. About 30-35 per cent of Agra population depends upon leather footwear manufacturing industry providing direct & indirect employment to nearly 500,000 people.

Agra also has dedicated institute on footwear training i.e. CFTI Central Footwear Training Institute.


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